Technical Support

Professional technicians are on board to ensure you have a successful show. This team will be responsible for your technical needs, and will be briefed based on the information you provide.

You may bring your own technical staff and we encourage provision of your own lighting and/or sound operator as that helps ensure a smooth show. Event & venue staff will still be on hand.

If you don’t have your own staff, please remember that our team has a limited time to set up, learn and rehearse your cues etc. By planning in advance, you can really help that process by thinking about all your cues and writing very clear cue sheets that you can give to them on the day. We also encourage story boards to help the team visualise the show and its cues. We cannot guarantee to be able to accurately reproduce very complex shows, so if you really need to make certain things happen, you are strongly advised to bring someone who can operate and/or cue these sequences.

Health & Safety

The Zealous X Production Team is responsible for Health & Safety of its event on site. Because of that, they have responsibility to ensure that what you are doing is entirely safe.

We have the responsibility to ensure that what you are doing is entirely safe. All your activities, equipment and methods must be safe and should be assessed for risk. You are obliged to ensure equipment is safe and fit for purpose, and that the way you work provides a complete duty of care for everyone involved and nearby.

You may need to provide Risk Assessments for your piece, if so we will request them- if you already have these, please send it to Marco Alessi, Production Manager If requested, you must supply these or we may not be able to host your piece.

To resolve any issues relating to safety, Zealous will have final say on the matter, and their decision will be complied with entirely. We will be diligent yet reasonable in all such matters.

Some safety notes- including but not limited to:

  • All set and prop items must be of a class 1 fireproof construction, either because they are inherently fire retardant of because they have been suitably fire treated prior to their arrival on site.
    1. Items will be tested. Those that fail will have to be rejected and immediately removed from site.
      Worn Costumes and some hand-held props are exempt from this, please ask if you feel they are.
  • Electrical items must be safe and fit for purpose. They must not be modified from the original manufacture. Evidence of existing electrical testing must be provided.
  • No naked flames or smoking can be allowed. You may have theatrical smoke and haze effects, subject to the venue approval.
  • Anything suspended must be safe and fit for purpose. We will need to examine all rigging equipment that you bring before we can allow its use.
  • Anything you want to stand on or put weight onto that wasn’t made for that purpose must be modified to make it safe – this would include any furniture, boxes etc.
  • Any structures must be well designed, fit for purpose and built by competent staff.
  • Finishes must be colour safe and not leave any trace behind
  • If your show has any aerial aspects to it, we will need to discuss this separately. Please note this down in the ‘Anything Else’ section in the survey and we’ll call you.
  • Scheduling

    We will schedule an appropriate technical and rehearsal time on the day of your show, if you have specific scheduling needs please make sure you tell us about them. Due to the number of pieces we will present during the project, we cannot be flexible with everyone, and it will be up to you to get to the venue for your allotted time. Any missed calls cannot be recovered later, regrettably.

    Damage and venue courtesy

    Zealous is a guest of Rich Mix and as such we must keep the venue in a respectful manner. Whilst we don’t envisage this being a problem, please help us to do that by not leaving any trace on the venue after you go; nor affecting any Rich Mix staff or clients in an unwelcome way.

    We very much need to know if you have a messy or wet show at all. So feathers, confetti, custard, live animals, etc. must be discussed now please! If we are not aware of any such aspects beforehand, we won’t be able to cater for them on the day. Any messy shows will be discussed separately so we are all clear on the situation.

    We’ll give you access to suitable dressing rooms etc., as we are able to, but we will rely on your collective goodwill to make the limited space backstage work. We also request that you respect the works of other Zealous X participants, as well as other companies using Rich Mix by keeping to the schedule and spaces you are allocated only.


    Unfortunately we have no access to storage for set etc. at the venue, other than on the day of your show. Please bring everything on the day and take it away with you after the show has fully finished. If you have difficulties with this, please get in touch but do understand this is an aspect we have little control over.


    We have no parking on site. You will get a load-in slot, if you request one in advance, but this will be to drop and go only. Similarly with any get-out.

    We can’t wait to see what you create!