Be part of something truly special

Zealous X is the perfect place to showcase your passion for creativity: A festival where exceptional creative talents and industry experts from across all disciplines come together to inspire, challenge and motivate participants into unleashing a new generation of creativity. Your support is key to the effective delivery of this epic festival.

We’re looking for individuals, not-for-profit organisations and businesses who, like us, celebrate and support creativity 24/7. Together we will build a legacy with the UK’s most exciting creative minds.

It’s an exciting time for creativity. We’d love you to be part of it.

Make an Impact

Get yourself noticed

Over our 10-day festival, our sponsors will be exposed to great talent. Your brand will be recognised alongside Zealous X for promoting creativity in the UK, gaining the highest impact and exposure during the whole festival and beyond.

Share the spotlight

We’re seeking out partners who share our vision, who want to see creative talent in the UK blossom. We offer you the opportunity to tell that to the world and show your true commitment to creativity.

Share your experience

We’re looking for workshop leaders who will inspire our participants and share their knowledge. If you wish to be one of our leaders and to engage our audience, get in touch.

An eye for excellence

If you work within the industry and have keen eye for creativity, we would love to hear from you. We’re always on the look out for amazing people to work with us in the future.

Let us unleash creativity together

We’d love to discuss working with you