Zealous X is about you

Zealous X was born out of a need for creative talent to access physical space to showcase the best of their work.

We’re selecting 90 of you, from across 6 disciplines, to showcase your work over 10 days; so if you’re making amazing work and need a place to show, play, perform…read on

Be seen where it matters

Our first event got 4,000 people through the door over 3 days. Now, we’re presenting over 10 days, and we’re expecting quite a lot more!

But it doesn’t just stop at the physical location; we’ll also fight to get you in the media. Like we did for Elisabeth Blanchet, who was published in TimeOut. We’ll work just as hard for you this year (if not a little more!)

We don't pick, our judges do

The exposure to your work doesn’t start at the event; it starts much sooner. The final 15 to be showcased in each discipline, will be cherry picked by an independent panel of exciting judges (to be announced soon!).

Previous judges have included

Richard Snowden


Maggie Cunningham

Former Joint Head of Programmes
BBC Scotland

Clive Lyttle

Relationship Manager
Arts Council England

Joyce Hytner

Director, Act IV

Steve Double

Professional Photographer

And many more

Creatives, CEO’s…

Share more than just your work

We want to share your story, your successes, your challenges, and your vision with the right people.

We want to include you in talks and conversations on the future of creativity. Allowing for more exposure to your work and giving context to the subjects being debated.

Sharing success

When we say its about you, we mean it, and to put our money where our mouth is, we’ll be splitting profits on each ticket sold with all those selected to showcase their work at Zealous X.

40% of all tickets sold will go to participants in the artistic program (10% each to music and performance, 5% each to art, design, photography and film). We’ll be publishing a full breakdown a little closer to the time.

Our past event

Zealous X’s premier event took place at Bargehouse, London, shining the spotlight on some extraordinary artists and performers.

  • 4000 attendees

    Over 3 days

  • 100 artists

    From 6 different creative fields

  • 27 talks

    With some of the most influential personalities in the creative industry

Be showcased

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