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Interactive and Gaming
James Liam Cook
Business Insider UK

James is the Technology Editor at Business Insider UK, covering startups and technology companies in Europe. He was previously a Contributing Editor at The Daily Dot, Deputy Editor at The Kernel, and also worked here at Zealous.

Interactive and Gaming
Miguel de andres clavera
Miguel De Andres Clavera

Head of Creative Technology at Google Asia Pacific. Prior to Google he was Creative Director on Nike SEA innovation projects at BBH Asia Pacific and set up BBH Labs. Miguel is on the advisory board of several technology start-ups in London and Tel-Aviv and is the founder of the Mind Sport Olympiad Singapore. He holds a PhD in Art and Computational Technology by Goldsmiths University of London and a Masters Degree in Computer Science by the University of Zaragoza, Spain.

Interactive and Gaming
Jeremy Willmott
Jeremy Willmott
BMB London

Interactive art director working at BMB London. With ten years’ experience in the ad industry, his background covers interactive design, user experience and front-end development. Being an avid film-maker he also runs the collective Dandyline Films on the side. His passion lies in interactive storytelling and is always looking for new ways to tell a tale, with his latest dual-screen short recently being nominated for a Webby.